CAN Mission Statement

CAN Mission Statement

The time to take action is now.

We call on all concerned individuals and organizations to join the Campus Antifascist Network (CAN). CAN brings together faculty, students, staff, and community members across US campuses to stem the rise of fascism, whether proudly displayed in hateful exclusionary slogans and posters, or disguised as “free speech.” We come together to stand with threatened members of our campus communities and oppose fascist mobilizations.

Though existent for decades, the election of Donald Trump has emboldened fascist and white nationalist groups across the country. These groups have used blatant racist, Islamophobic, anti-indigenous, anti-semitic, transphobic, misogynist, and ableist messaging and iconography to recruit to their ranks and intimidate campus communities. They have used “free speech” as a façade for attacking faculty and anyone who stands in solidarity against the threat that these organizations and individuals pose. These groups and their allies continue to scapegoat and target amongst others: immigrants, non-whites, and non-Christians, as well as women, LGBTQ+ people, native peoples, and the alternatively abled. Several have also engaged in outright physical violence, including murder.

CAN looks to mass counter-mobilizations and broad-based coalitions as key to the fight against these forces. We have diverse political views on multiple issues, but are united in our commitment to stopping fascist intimidation from taking root in our campus communities. In addition to protests, we encourage the development of educational and political spaces on campuses for teach-ins, reading groups, workshops and strategy sessions on the history of fascism in its many guises and how to combat it.

CAN seeks to build local chapters across the country upon these principles and help coordinate antifascist efforts at the national level.